The Wasp Factory Education Bake eggs in a ramekin for an easy breakfast

Bake eggs in a ramekin for an easy breakfast

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You may have observed ramekins just before and ignored them as merely adorable very little vessels for holding dipping sauces. But the truth is, these unassuming little meals can be used as much more! In this particular blog post, we’ll discover 4 astonishing uses for ramekins which you might not have access to considered well before. So pick up a cup of coffee and compromise set for a quick go through – you might just get your beloved way to utilize a ramekin by the end.

1. Make Personal Crumbles or Cobblers

Really like crumbles and cobblers but don’t desire to make a whole batch? Ramekins are the excellent option! Only make your preferred formula as typical, then scoop it into 4-6 ramekins. Prepare as always, and voila – you’ve got personal servings of deliciousness! Look nowhere for ramekins alternative.

2. Prepared Chicken eggs

Among the vintage beloved breakfast meals is baked chicken eggs. They’re very easy to create, and they’re the perfect part dimensions if you’re cooking for a few folks without contemplating any ramekin substitutes. Just grease a ramekin with food preparation apply, fracture an ovum into it, add some shredded cheddar cheese and diced veggies (if preferred), then bake at 425 levels Fahrenheit until the ovum is prepared in your taste. Morning meal is dished up!

3. Single-Servicing Sweets

Fifty percent-cooked dessert dough from your deal combine, pre-portioned out into ramekins straight from the shop? And what we I said that there are a variety of other solitary-serving sweets you may make in a flash by using a ramekin? From brownies to tiramisu, the sky’s the restriction with regards to treat alternatives – and you simply need a ramekin, some components, and some time with the cooking. Eager but?

4. Do-it-yourself Soup Dishes during Chilly Wintertime Evenings

The frosty winter are coming soon, which implies broth season is on this page! One of our favorite activities to do on the chilly night is curl on top of a bowl of selfmade broth – and there’s no much better vessel for soup compared to a trusty ramekin. Just ladle your broth to the ramekin, add a portion of a loaf of bread or some crackers on the side, and appreciate! So comfy and delightful.


As you can tell, there are actually a variety of ways to utilize a ramekin – not simply for holding sauces! You may be astonished at how convenient these tiny recipes can be.

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