The Wasp Factory Service Do Baby Termites Look Like Ants?

Do Baby Termites Look Like Ants?

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If you’ve experienced a baby termite, you might have think it is an ant. After all, they’re equally little, wingless insects. But there are some key variations between these two pest infestations that will help you let them know aside. Continue reading to understand more about the commonalities and variations between baby termites and ants.

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One of the greatest dissimilarities between baby termites and ants is sizing. Baby termites, or nymphs, tend to be about ¼ of the inch lengthy. Ants, however, are generally between 1/16 and 1/8 of the inches long—so they’re much smaller than nymphs.


An additional important big difference is design. Baby termites possess a pronotum, and that is a tough platter that covers their backside. This pronotum stretches up to the final of the abdominal area. Ants furthermore have a pronotum, but it doesn’t increase all the way to the conclusion with their abdomen—you’ll view a constriction where the abdomen meets the thorax.


Nymphs may be different colours according to the species, but they’re typically light white-colored or rich and creamy yellow. They don’t possess pigmentation on the pronotums. Ants are also available in distinct hues, but they’re usually darker brown or black. And in contrast to nymphs, you’ll often see ants with dark-colored coloration on his or her pronotums.


The last distinction is wings—or shortage thereof. The two grownup ants and mature termites have wings, but baby termites don’t. So if you notice a modest, wingless pest creeping about, it’s prone to be an ant compared to a nymph. So, you now know do baby termites look like ants or otherwise not.


As you have seen, there are numerous crucial differences between baby termites and ants—including dimension, design, color, and wings (or absence thereof). So the next occasion you see a compact pest creeping all around your house, acquire a close look to determine if it’s a nymph or perhaps ant before Panicking!

Handling baby termite damage is no effortless project, so it’s advisable to stop them from using up property at your residence in the first place!

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