The Wasp Factory Service Ovolo Skirting: Curves and Elegance Combined

Ovolo Skirting: Curves and Elegance Combined

Ovolo Skirting: Curves and Elegance Combined post thumbnail image

In relation to doing details in a home, skirting boards engage in a crucial position. Furthermore they make sure that your surfaces and surfaces have a effortless relationship, they also provide protection from scrapes and nicks. But because of so many various types and styles readily available, picking the right skirting board might be a difficult process. In this particular blog post, we’ll take a look at probably the most well-known skirting board designs, showing their particular characteristics and talking about what one works very best for your house.

Modern day Skirting Board Types

mdf are modern and minimalistic, typically presenting clean facial lines and bold facets. They are ideal for modern-day residences and will add more a sophisticated touch to your rooms. Among the most preferred modern skirting board variations involve square, bevelled, and chamfered. Rectangular skirting boards are ideal for properties with a much more austere décor, when bevelled and chamfered skirting can also add dimension and depth to a or else ordinary place.

Standard Skirting Board Styles

If you are searching for a style that displays the timeless and traditional artistic of your home, then classic skirting boards are the way to go. These panels typically attribute far more ornate designs and complex moulding, causing them to be perfect for period houses or people that have a more timeless décor. Many of the most well-liked classic skirting board styles consist of ogee, torus, and ovolo. The ogee fashion is ideal for including a little elegance while the torus type creates a softer and a lot more mild seem.

Coloured Skirting Board Designs

Coloured skirting boards can add an entertaining and lively feel to any room as well as building a look that may be contemporary and new. They are good for those that want to bring in a pop of colour into an otherwise minimal place. With coloured skirting boards, it is possible to choose any colour you enjoy and either match it for your wall surfaces or produce a compare that will pull the attention. A far more delicate appearance is possible by picking a colour that is simply a color or two lighter or darker than your surfaces.

Unpainted Skirting Board Types

Unpainted skirting boards are good for those that want their walls to get the main feature in their house. They create a peek that is certainly minimalist, modern day, and fuss-cost-free. Unpainted skirting boards are typically made out of all-natural wood, with beech, oak, and pine becoming among the most preferred possibilities. They feature a organic and natural really feel, in addition to their rawness means they are excellent for many who desire a much more rustic cosmetic.

Great Skirting Boards

Substantial skirting boards are perfect for making a document in time period properties. They can increase the amount of elevation to some space, emphasizing the architectural characteristics of your residence. Substantial skirting boards offer a huge and regal look, making them excellent for those who are thinking about creating a antique or standard décor. These are typically present in time period qualities and are best in sizeable and wide open areas.


Skirting boards are an essential part associated with a property, and selecting the best design can produce a big difference to the overall appearance and feel of your property. Modern, classic, decorated, unpainted, and skirting board types are among the most popular possibilities that you can buy. Every single gives a unique look that can complement any décor, so take some time when picking a design that suits your home’s personality.

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