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What are frozen foods?

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Frozen foods are always packaged before being displayed and in the majority of cases the packaging obscures, and protects, the food on display. If packed in transparent film the surface of many frozen foods will discolour rapidly when illuminated.
Traditionally open-well cabinets were used to display frozen products, but increasingly multi-deck cabinets are used because of their increased display space and sales appeal. The rate of heat gain in a multi-deck cabinet, and consequently the energy consumption, is much higher than in a well cabinet. Owing to the increased costs of energy, multi-deck cabinets are now appearing on the market with double glazed doors that have to be opened to access the food on display.
frozen food products have significant market share. The growth of the frozen food industry is influenced by socioeconomic changes and technological developments. One of the main advantages of freezing preservation is the convenience and ease of food preservation with minimal impact on food quality compared to other preservation techniques (e.g., thermal processing or drying). Like any other preservation technique, freezing affects the quality of food products. However, the advancement in freezing technology and adoption of novel techniques can reduce the impact of freezing on food quality and nutrition. Application of novel processing techniques and use of edible coating/films will result in higher-quality frozen products with extended shelf life. The future commercial application of novel processing techniques, such as high pressure and power ultrasound-assisted freezing will depend on the development of commercial scale equipment that is easy to operate and economically viable.

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