The Wasp Factory Service What are the meaning of minerals?Write the types of minerals in food?

What are the meaning of minerals?Write the types of minerals in food?

What are the meaning of minerals?Write the types of minerals in food? post thumbnail image

The body needs minerals, which are inorganic compounds, to function properly. A variety of minerals are needed by the human body on a daily basis to maintain healthy bones and muscles. Additionally, it supports a number of physiological processes. Consequently, the foods high in minerals(minerals in food) are where we get these nutrients.
There are numerous instances of minerals in food, such as:
• Sodium
• Iron
• Potassium
• Magnesium
• Calcium
• Phosphorus
• Iodine and many more
Other minerals including selenium, cobalt, and molybdenum are also necessary for the body in tiny levels. These substances are recognised to serve a particular purpose in the human body.
mineral types in food
Minerals are needed by our body in certain amounts. While some of them may only be needed in trace amounts, others may be needed in enormous dosages. Therefore, minerals in diet are divided into two categories based on the needs of the body:

• Minerals known as macrominerals are those that must be consumed in relatively high concentrations. As a result they are also known as significant minerals.
• Sodium, calcium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and sulphur are examples of macrominerals. These minerals are essential for the body’s efficient operation and metabolism.
• There are serious health consequences when these elements are deficient. Insufficient calcium, can cause the weakens the skeletal system and raises the risk of fractures. Goitre and other hormonal diseases are brought on by an iodine deficit

• These minerals, which are also known as trace minerals, are needed in tiny amounts. Iron, copper, iodine, zinc, manganese, fluoride, cobalt, and selenium are examples of trace minerals.
• Mineral toxicity is brought on if these trace minerals are consumed in excess. It may result in diarrhoea, too much loss of hair, discoloured or brittle nails,etc.

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