The Wasp Factory Service What Not To Do With Your Set Of Make Up Tools

What Not To Do With Your Set Of Make Up Tools

Do you have a set of make up tools? If so, applying make up on your face is just easy and can be done anytime you want. But, even if you are using one of the best makeup brushes out there, if you are doing things you must not do to your make up accessories, it will soon be broken and won’t give you the satisfaction you once experienced from it.
Just to help you preserve your make up accessories, here are the things you MUST NOT DO:
Not cleaning it
Make up tools are required to be cleaned regularly. Some are waiting for their brush to get sticky and their sponge to get very dark before finally cleaning them. If this you do, you are risking the lifespan of your accessories.
If you want to use it for a long time, you have to make sure that proper cleaning is being done on a regular basis.
Not storing it properly
Make up tools should be stored properly, whether you are using it or not. Buying a make up bag, covering your brush individually with plastic or anything that can cover its bristles, etc., is necessary if you want to give it a long life.
Not storing them properly will lead the brush, the foam, etc deformed making it not as effective as it was before.
Letting others use it
Sharing is caring, but not for your make up tools. Letting others use the brush and the foam you use on your face is not as hygienic. Sure, you can have someone use it from time to time or during an emergency, but cleaning it after must be done.
As much as possible, keep your make up accessories to yourself and do not let others use it.

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